We believe by being responsible to our stakeholders and the communities that our malls operate, it will lead us to sustainable business environment. Throughout the years, Fortune REIT has been working hard to earn recognitions in various aspects such as corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, customer service, branding and corporate communication. We are motivated to advance forward as the list of accolades constantly grow.
  • Dec 2018

    CarbonCare® ESG Label (Level 2)

    CarbonCare InnoLab

  • Nov 2018

    9th Your Choice @ Focus - Hong Kong White Collars' Most Favourite Brand Award 2018

    · Fortune Malls - Hong Kong White Collars' Most Favourite Shopping Mall Brand Award
    Focus Media Hong Kong


  • Nov 2018

    Ma On Shan Plaza: Digital Experience Award 2018 – Brilliance in Market Segmentation

    Metro Finance 

  • Nov 2018

    Listed Enterprises of the Year 2018

    Bloomberg Businessweek / Chinese Edition

  • Oct 2018

    Smart Energy Award 2018

    · Energy Saving Outstanding Award – Ma On Shan Plaza
    CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

  • Aug 2018

    2018 International ARC Awards

    · Gold Award for Illustrations
    · Gold Award for Green/Environmentally Sound Annual Report
    · Silver Award for Traditional Annual Report
    · Honors Award for Cover Photo / Design
    · Honors Award for Non-English Annual Report

  • Aug 2018

    Asia Pacific Best of the Breeds REITs Awards 2018

    · Platinum Award – Hong Kong Retail Category
    The Pinnacle Group International

  • Jul 2018

    2017 Vision Awards

    · Gold Award – Real Estate/REIT Category
    · Top 80 Annual Reports in the Asia-Pacific Region

    · Top 60 Chinese Annual Reports
    League of American Communications Professionals LLC

  • Jul 2018

    Outstanding Listed Company Award 2018

    The Hong Kong Institute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators Limited

  • Jun 2018

    Mercury Excellence Awards 2017/18

    · Annual Report - Overall Presentation/REIT: Gold
    · Annual Report - Cover Design (Special Treatment): Honors


  • Jun 2018

    Astrid Awards 2018

    · Annual Reports - Not-for-Profit Organizations (Special Size or Distinctive Format): Gold
    · Annual Reports - Illustrations: Honors


  • May 2018

    HKIRA 4th Investor Relations Awards

    · Overall Best IR Company (Mid Cap)
    · 3 Years IR Awards Winning Company
    · Best IR by CEO – Ms. Justina Chiu (Mid Cap)
    · Best IRO – Ms. Jenny Hung (Mid Cap)
    · Best IR in Corporate Transaction (Mid Cap)
    · Best Investor Meeting (Mid Cap)
    · Best Investor Presentation Material (Mid Cap)
    · Best Annual Report (Mid Cap)

    Hong Kong Investor Relations Association

  • Apr 2018

    Asia’s Best Companies Poll 2018

    · Best Managed Company
    · Best at Investor Relations
    · Best CEO – Ms Justina Chiu
    · Most Committed to Corporate Governance
    · Best at Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Mar 2018

    5 Years Plus Caring Company Logo

    Hong Kong Council of Social Service