Fortune in Your Everyday Life

Fortune Malls believes everyone should have a place where they belong, we offer a warm, comfortable environment, with a few thoughtful and surprising touches, so you can take a break from the bustle of urban life.

Our community malls are the perfect setting for lively conversations, and exciting neighborhood rendezvous. As such, we give you a place to be yourself and interact with the people who mean most to you.

The Story of Fortune Malls' Logo

Fortune Malls shares the same identity of “red planet” icon as master brand of Fortune REIT identity. The “small planet on a big planet” represents the idea of "sharing your world" and "communicating with a bigger world". The typeface has also incorporated circular graphics that convey the notions of integrated, connected and community-circles, which are the key attributes of the portfolio brand. Fortune Malls will carry on the brand spirit of enriching family lives and making a positive difference to the community.

Fortune Malls lead the brand with new purple colour, which represents a sense of welcoming and warmness to the identity. Individual malls are given some vivid new names and new logo identities to tie in with the new brand image. Two of the flagship malls are crowned with “Fortune” in their names, “Fortune City One” and “Fortune Metropolis”.

To take Fortune Malls’ business from strength to strength, the brand continues to evolve for betterment. As the largest mall in our portfolio, +WOO is the latest re-imagination of the Fortune Malls brand. Following the first phase of AEIs completion at the mall previously known as “Fortune Kingswood”, the mall was renamed as “+WOO” in October 2019, giving it a dynamic uplift with a rejuvenated identity while retaining community spirit at its core. +Woo promises to bring “More to Life” with more delights to shoppers. To read more about the +WOO brand.

About our Portfolio

Fortune Malls is a geographically diverse portfolio of 16 private housing estate retail properties in Hong Kong. +WOO, Fortune Metropolis and Fortune City One are our flagship malls.

Fortune Malls are private housing estate retail properties catering to the day to day needs of the residents and households from these communities. We committed to making a positive difference there. Moreover, our diverse and intimate trade mix includes shopping, entertainment, dinning and lifestyle.

Fortune REIT